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Plastic cap assembly machine

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Since our company was founded in 1979, we  have been constantly manufacturing the bottle cap producing machines, which produce the excellent bottle caps as well as meet our customer's requirements. 

JOONGSAN has been specialized in manufacturing bottle cap machine, and we have rich experience in the world market.
We cooperate with the customer from the birth of an idea until the final solution. 

- Get great feedback from domestic and abroad market.

For more than 35 years, we have exported our machines to India, Pakistan, Egypt, Japan, Phillippines, Vietnam, Chile, Cambodia, Russia and so on. 
In addition to these abroad countries, many domestic companies are using our machines. 

We are steadily trying to keep abreast to the high technology level and to obtain the superior position in the world market. 

This is a machine designed to assemble the safety medicine cap. 
It can work two works at a once because it is equipped with both two tanks and seal feeder to feed the both plastic cap and seals. 
Two plastic caps in the tanks are assembled and the seals are inserted into the caps. 
This machine is equipped with an inspection camera to reduce zero contamination and apply to high-end products. So it will help to save labor cost and improve quality. 
It is Easy to operate and maintenance, high rated of qualified products, low power consumption. 

Assembly machine can be made according to customers requirements and applicable to these areas of business. 

- Pourer cap            
- Flip top cap             
- Sports cap 
- Spout cap             
- Proof cap                
- Safety cap

- All machines are custom-made products, developed and produced according to our customer's demands. 

- The capacity can be modified anytime. 
  (quantity per min, cap size, cap materials)

- All machines are fabricated in Korea and assembled in abroad.

- While setting up the machine, we will have enough time in order to train your worker with the way to operate it exactly.

- All our machines are controlled by automatic system so as to deal with it more easy.
  Additionally, it will help to save labor cost and improve quality.
  (touch screen, inspection camera)

- All functions can be operated and set on the touch screen, simple and convenient.

- Reasonable price and professional service will be offered.

Thank you & Best regards.


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Plastic cap assembly machine

Plastic cap assembly machine

Plastic cap assembly machine